We offer a technical advice report which will give you an easy to use, simple instruction sheet to work off when using fertilisers & weed killers.

Simply tell us some of the following information, and we will create you a unique sheet detailing exactly how much of the product you will need, and any other things you need to be mindful of

At £4.75, this report really gives you peace of mind and which can save you money when compared to not using the product correctly and having to re-apply.

On purchase of this, please Email Us with the following information

  • The size of the field  or area you wish to treat
  • Choose your preferred unit, i.e.  Acres, Hectares or Square Meters
  • Tell us how you choose to treat the area, i.e. backpack sprayer or boom sprayer
  • Tell us the crop or situation, i.e. Grass paddock, or Gravel drive
  • Tell us the problem you have, i.e. Thistles & ragwort growing in field; or grass & moss growing in driveway

If you are unsure exactly what the problem or weed is, then please contact us for details.

Once we receive this, one of our BASIS qualified advisors will create your report and either email or post it to you