Agritox 50

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A Selective Herbicide For The Control Of Grassland Weeds

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 MAPP No – 14814

LERAP Category - B

Active Ingredient – 500 g/l (44.25% w/w) MCPA as the dimethylamine salt

Boom Sprayer Rate – Up to 3.3L per Hectare

Knapsack Rate – Not Approved

Area Covered – 3 Hectares or 7 Acres

Pack Size – 10L

Required Safety Equipment - Gloves, Face Shield & Coveralls

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Agritox 50® is a selective weed killer used in Grassland. It will control weeds such as Nettles, Buttercup, Poppy, Thistles and a wide range of perennial weeds. It can be used on established grassland and leys over one year old.


Although the active ingredient MCPA is one of the oldest on the market, it still delivers great results against tough grassland weeds. If you want to increase the weeds which Agritox50® will control, mix with Deptiox 10L. This will then control Ragwort, Large Docks & Soft Rush.


Agritox 50® is suited to use in areas where you have a large area of the same weed, i.e. 5 acres of grassland infested with Thistles.

Keep Livestock out of treated areas for 10-14 days, or until poisonous weeds such as Ragwort have decomposed.



Agritox is particularly good on Creeping & Spear Thistles




Our Recommendation

  • For Ragwort control mix in with 3L/ha Deptiox 10L

  • Mix in Blue Dye to ensure no areas are missed

  • Agritox 50® is only approved for use through a Tractor or ATV Sprayer. For Knapsack use, try an alternative product called Broadshot 1L 




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Product Documentation

Product Label - click here

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) - click here




Additional Information

Target Creeping Thistle,Daisy,Small Nettle,Buttercup,Soft Rush,Ragwort,Plantain,General Paddock Weeds,Self Heal,
Application Boom Sprayer,