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1000ml Chemical Measuring Jug

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1L Chemical Safe Jug

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Product Description

Ensure you measure and calibrate your chemical accurately by using a designated chemical measuring jug. This strong plastic jug holds up to 1L of liquid with clear measurements. Always read the product label before sue to ensure you are not overdosing or underdosing any areas. 

Key Benefits: 

Polypropylene measuring jugs have excellent clarity and good chemical resistance. 

- With raised graduations and an easy-pour spout. 

- 1000ml capacity. 

- Strong handle. 

Our Recommendation: 

- Take a look at our How To Use a Knapsack Sprayer

- Always wear protective clothing, such as Coveralls, Face Shield and Chemical Resistant Gloves, when handling chemicals. 

- Keep a Chemical Spill Kit close by. 

- Always read the label before using any chemical or fertiliser

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