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Asulox Herbicide 20L

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Powerful Bracken Control. Note this product is no longer available to buy until May 2018.

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Product Description


MAPP No  13175

LERAP Category  N/A

Active Ingredient 400g/l Asulam

Boom Sprayer Rate 5-11L per Hectare depending on use

Knapsack Rate 100ml per 10L of water

Area Covered 2-4 Hectares depending on rate

Pack Size 20L

Required Safety Equipment - Gloves, Face Shield & Coveralls


Asulox® is the UK's number one herbicide for effectively controlling bracken. It will be available for sale throughout 2016 having been granted an EU Emergency Authorisation for use in the UK.

Asulox® has over many years has established itself as the UK’s market leading product for bracken control. The active ingredient asulam targets bracken infestations and is translocated throughout the plant to provide effective control. Herbicidal symptoms following application of Asulox® are virtually absent in the year of spraying but in the following season there is little or no bracken re-growth. Completing a programme of follow up sprays with Asulox can greatly extend the bracken free period for land that has been treated.

Asulox®, along with all pesticides within Europe, has been subject to the EU Plant Protection Products Directive 91 / 414 which meant that all pesticide products in Europe had to undergo a rigorous reexamination of all the supporting data. Asulox® failed to gain approval (after appeal) by 20th September 2011. Because of industry wide support for the product, including organisations such as Butterfly Conservation and Environment Agencies there is an aim to obtain reregistration of the product by 2017. However in the intervening time it is hoped that it will be approved for Emergency Authorisation whereby it can be used annually for 120 days.

Asulox® can be bought between 1st July & 11th September. It can be applied from 1st July until 31st October. It is a requirement of the approval that any unused product (FULL CONTAINERS) is returned to manufacturer by the 31st October

Asulox is also available in a 5L Container

Product Rates

Forestry - 5-10L of product per 200-300L of water

Grassland/Moorland & Amenity Vegetation - 11L of product per 400-500L of water

Our Recommendation

- Ensure grass is not stressed and is growing well

- Mix in Blue Dye to help see the areas you have sprayed.

- Consider using Roundup Pro Vantage 480 in areas with no grass



Product Documentation

Product Label - click here

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) - click here

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