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Berthoud Pressure Regulator

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Pressure Regulator

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Product Description

The Berthoud Pressure Regulator and anti-drip system will fit all Berthoud models that have either a fixed or telescopic lance assembly.

This version will fit any Berthoud sprayers but includes the correct 45 degree elbow to allow fitting to lances that have the Berthoud Intergal Nozzle Cap Nut style fitted. The valve works by staying closed and will not open untill 1 bar pressure has been reached to allow the valve to open. The valve will also shut off if the operating pressure drops below the pre-set pressures. This pre set valve fits at the end of the lance, with the nozzle and nozzle cap attached to it. 


1 X 45 Degree elbow to fit all Berthoud lances
1 x Fluid Control Valve
2 x Sealing washers
1 x 18mm nozzle cap

Key Benefits: 

- Compatible with any Berthoud sprayer with a fixed or telescopic lance assembly. 

- Includes the 45 degree elbow needed to allow combatibility with all Berthoud lances. 

- Pre set nozzles. 

Our Recommendation: 

- Use with the Bethoud Vermorel 2000 Sprayer.

- Browse the large range of Berthoud Sprayer Accessories on offer. 

- Keep a Chemical Spill Kit nearby incase of spillages. 

Always wear protective clothing, such as CoverallsFace Shield and Chemical Resistant Gloves, when handling or spraying chemicals. 

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