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Berthoud Knapsack Trigger

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Sprayer Trigger

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Product Description

The Berthoud profile trigger is the lastest trigger style from Berthoud. It is ergonomically fitted providing extra comfort to the opperator. It is made from a tough, durable plastic & will fit all Pro Comfort models, as well as many other Berthoud models.


Key Benefits: 

- Ergonomically fitted.

- Comfortable for the operator. 

- Durable. 

- Compatible with most Berthoud sprayers. 

Our Recommendation: 

- Browse the various Berthoud Sprayer Accessories on offer. 

- Use Tank & Sprayer Cleaner after using your sprayer. 

Always wear protective clothing, such as CoverallsFace Shield and Chemical Resistant Gloves, when handling and spraying chemicals. 

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