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Interactive Learning Day With CFE

Posted by Sarah Sutton- Sales Team on 31 July 2019 in Agrigem News
Interactive Learning Day With CFE

Yesterday I attended a fascinating interactive learning day hosted by CFE. The focus of the day was IPM (Integrated Pest Management), farming with beneficial insects and how they can improve profitability and make farms more robust. Most plants rely on being pollinated by different species of insects. The main pollinators are made up of over 250 species of bees, over 2000 species of butterflies and moths and over 6000 species of fly. Also, did you know that there are over 9,000 species of wasps in the U.K? Whilst wasps are frustrating, they are crucial pollinators. It is important that wild beneficial insects are encouraged and supported to thrive with managed schemes otherwise we will not have enough wild pollinators for the crops that the population requires. 

Today’s event included an overview on reviewing your IPM strategy, a farm walk led by a renowned entomologist to identify different species of insects and discussions on the benefits of having green headland margins for soil nutrient capture, resource protection, soil erosion and soil structure.

Overall it was an excellent, well organised and informative day!