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Guardian Air Nozzle

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Drift Reduction Spray Nozzle


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Product Description

The Hypro Guardian Air Nozzle is the best air inclusion nozzle to use for reducing drift & water rates. It is designed to be used with ATV & boom sprayers and is suitable for a wide range of uses including herbicides, fungicides & insecticides. The nozzle works by forming droplets with an air bubble inside. This means that when the droplet hits the target plant, it splats and sticks to the leaf, rather than bouncing or sliding off.

This nozzle is available in a range of sizes depending on your spraying speed and water rate. The colour of the nozzle coresponds with your requirements- take a look at this Nozzle Chart to find out which nozzle you require. 

Key Benefits: 

- Reduces spray drift and water rates. 

- Designed for use with ATV and boom sprayers. 

- Suitable for herbicides, fungicides and insecticides. 

- Available in a range of sizes

Our Recommendation: 

- After a boom kit? Take a look at Enduramaxx 4m Folding Boom Kit & ATV Mounts.

- Always keep a Chemical Spill Kit nearby incase of spillages. 

- Always wear protective clothing, such as Coveralls, Face Shield and Chemical Resistant Gloves, when handling or spraying chemicals. 


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