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Hay & Silage Grass Seed Mix

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High Yielding Grass Mix

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Product Description

This mix is ideal for producing hay, haylage & silage. It will allow you to get at least two bulky cuts of silage a year for up to three years. It offers the potential for excellent autumn grazing following a cut of silage or haylage.

This mix comes in a 1 acre pack


Contents Breakdown: 

- 4.0 kg BELLUNA Italian Ryegrass

- 3.0 kg SALOME Italian Ryegrass (T)

- 3.0 kg ENDURO Hybrid Ryegrass (T)

- 3.0 kg GANDALF Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass

13 kg / acre 


Key Benefits: 

- Produces quality hay, haylage and silage.

- Allows two bulky cuts of silage a year for up to three years. 

- Offers excellent autumn grazing potential. 

Our Recommendation: 

- Treat annually with 20-10-10 Fertiliser to maintain a healthy sward. 

- Avoid treating weeds until the grass is 6 months old. 

- Take a look at our How To Seed or Overseed a Lawn Guide

**Please note the actual bag is white, the above image is for illustration purposes only**

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