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Headland Relay-P (DISCONTINUED)

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A Selective Herbicide For The Control Of Buttercup & Other Paddock Weeds
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Product Description

MAPP No 08580

LERAP Category N/A

Active Ingredient 200g/L mecoprop-p + 200g/L MCPA + 25g/L dicamba

Boom Sprayer Rate – 5L per Hectare or 2L per Acre

Knapsack Rate 250ml per 10L of water

Area Covered  1 Hectare or 2.5 Acres

Pack Size 5L

Required Safety Equipment - Gloves, Face Shield & Coveralls

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** This product has now been discontinued by the manafacturer. For paddocks and pasture consider Thrust, for Lawns or Amenity Turf consider Interfix**

Headland Relay-P® is a very good product for general amenity turf & paddock weeds. It is particularly good on Buttercup, Clover, Dandelion, Thistle & Plantains. Apply from April to October when the weeds and grass are actively growing and are at a stage where you will get good coverage. If you are treating grass or weeds which are particularly tall, it would be advisable to mow or roll 3 weeks before treatment to open up the canopy. Alternatively, use the higher rate but ensure grass is a minimum of 18 months old and is not stressed by drought or frost.

When controlling tougher or more woody weeds, consider mixing Relay-P at 4L per hectare (300ml/10L of water) with Depitox 5L at 2.5L per hectare (200ml/10L of water).

This product can be used through a Knapsack and/or a Boom Sprayer making it a popular choice.

Keep livestock out of treated area until poisonous weeds such as Ragwort have died and become unpalatable. It is also advised to keep livestock out for 1-2 weeks prior to application to allow lush growth.


Our Recommendation

- If you are treating a smaller area, consider using Flail

- For larger & waxy weeds mix in an enhancer oil called Activator-g 1L

- Mix in with Blue Dye to ensure no areas are missed

- For controlling tougher weeds such as Ragwort & Docks look at Headland Polo



Product Documentation

Product Label - click here

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) - click here


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