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Instrata Elite 3L + Ruby Enhancer + Blue Gem

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Instrata Elite 3L + Ruby Enhancer + Blue Gem
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Intrata Elite Broad Spectrum Foliar Fungicide for Turf with Free Ruby Herbicide Enhancer and Blue Gem Indicator Additive
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Key Information

Additional Information

Brand Instrata Elite
Active Ingredient 80.3 g/L difenoconazole & 80.3 g/L fludioxonil
MAPP NO 17311
LERAP Category Crop over 5m - see authourisation for details
Pack Size 3L
Pack Size Coverage 1 Hectare or 10,000m2
Knapsack Sprayer Rate 115ml in 15L of water
Boom Sprayer Rate 3L/ha
Application Method(s) Boom Sprayer, Knapsack
Treats (Pest/Weed/Disease) Anthracnose, Brown Patch, Fusarium Patch, Red Thread
Area of Use Sports Turf
Safe For Use On Grass, Sports Turf
Period Of Use All Year Round
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Instrata Elite replaces the popular 'Instrata' and delivers even more control whilst reducing it's application rate by two thirds. A broad spectrum foliar fungicide, Instrata Elite combines difenoconazole and fludioxonil with both contact and systemic properties. Instrata Elite is used for the control of fusarium patch, patch, dollar spot, brown patch and also offers moderate control of anthracnose on managed amenity turf.

Instrata Elite mainly covers turf diseases that result in patches of discolouration. Fusarium patch is a turf disease with symptoms of orange/brown patches 1-2 inches across that increase in size and join up to form larger patches. Dollar spot can be found in any area of turf and creates small (dollar size, hence the name) spots of bleached turf on close mown grass, although again they can join up to form large areas. Brown patch causes tan/dark brown patches of water soaked grass. In humid conditions a brown/grey 'smoke ring' may appear around the edge of the patch.

Instrata Elite is a suspension concentrate formulation and should be used in conjunction with other management practices to promote good turf health.

Red Thread has now successfully been added to the label of Instrata Elite and you can find out more here.

Apply at 3L/ha.

Ruby is a brand new fungicide adjuvant system which can also be used in mixtures with herbicides, insecticides, moss killers & micro-nutrients. Ruby works by enhancing the way that spray droplets can penetrate the leaf surface & will also act as a spreader across the leaf surface. Getting excellent coverage is vital when treating diseases, applying Ruby will also stop droplets bouncing or running off the leaf tissue, as they will stick to the surface & then start to spread out - covering the whole leaf.

Ruby can improve control by over 20% when compared to just using a fungicide on its own. This is done by drawing the chemical into the plant using a unqiue uptake agent. While Ruby is mainly used with fungicides, we have seen some very good results when used to penetrate thick layers of moss in grass.

Apply at 250ml/ha.

Blue-gem ® is a food grade blue dye that is mixed in the spray tank with herbicides and pesticides to help improve accuracy. An integral part of spraying, Blue-gem will identify the sprayed area by temporarily dying the area. The treated area stays blue for a few days after application (how long it remains will depend on the surface) and then fades with sunlight or washes away with rain.

Using a spray indicator, such as Blue-gem, will in turn save you money and time as you are not missing any areas or overdosing any areas by spraying more than once. It can be used in a knapsack or boom sprayer and is compatiable with herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, moss killers and liquid fertilisers.

To use; half fill the spray tank with clean water, agitate the water and add the required amount of blue-gem. Then add the pesticide or other treatment(s) and fthen fill the tank with water to the desired level and commence spraying.

Apply at 1L / Ha

Key Benefits:

- Broad spectrum.

- Combines contact and systemic properties.

- Controls turf diseases such as dollar spot, brown patch, fusarium patch and red thread.

Our Recommendation:

- Always read the product label before use.

- Take care to prevent spray drift onto surrounding areas.

- Make sure the disease has been correctly identified before treatment.

- Do not use on newly sown grass.

- For best results apply as a preventative spray when conditions become favourable to disease development.

- Save time and money and mix with the Blue Dye to ensure no areas are missed or overdosed.

- Ruby Enhances action of penetrant & systemic fungicides by over 20%.

- Can be used on everything from golf greens to fruit.

- Always wear protective clothing, such as Chemical Resistant Gloves, when handling Instrata Elite.

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Product Calculator

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