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Kerb Flo 5L Residual Herbicide

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A Long Lasting Grass Weed Killer

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Product Description

MAPP NO - 137716

LERAP Category n/a

Active Ingredient: 400g/l propyzamide

Boom Sprayer Rate: 4.25L/Hectare or 1.7L/Acre for Amenity areas

Knapsack Rate: 80ml per 10L of water 

Area Covered: 1.5 Hectares or 15,000m2

Pack Size: 5L

Required Safety Clothing: Gloves, Face Shield & Coveralls


Kerb® Flo is a residual herbicide which can be used as a pre or post-emergence weed killer in forestry and amenity plantings. It is predominantly used to kill grass weeds, but can also control troublesome weeds such as Chickweed, Cleavers, Bindweed, Fat Hen, and will offer some control against Horsetail.

Kerb® Flo can be used on ornamental shrubs, roses and is also widely used near trees and hedges. As it is mobile in the soil, it is important to apply it in the cooler conditions when there is plenty of moisture and the soil temperature is cooler than 8 degrees. This is usually between Nov & Jan.

We have this product available as a spreadable granule which can be easier to apply. why not look at Gemstone Granules

If you want to increase the spectrum of weeds which Kerb Flo will control, mix 42ml Kerb Flo + 5ml Flexidor per 5L of water. This mix will now control Mayweed, Poppy, Nettle, Speedwell & Buttercup.

It is important that you only apply one dose of Kerb Flo per year. For a full list of controllable weeds and the tolerant lists of Trees & Shrubs, please download the product label.

For a cheaper alternative, look at Propyz


Recommended Period of Use
Jan Feb
Mar Apr May
Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
leaf leaf leaf              leaf leaf leaf
leaf = Optimum time for application


Our Recommendation

- Use Kerb® Flo for spraying around new trees or along hedgerows

- If you're treating shrub beds, consider mixing in Flexidor to make a replacement for Casaron G

- Mix in Blue Dye to ensure no areas are missed


Product Documentation

Product Label - click here

Environmental Sheet - click here

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) - click here 

Brand Kerb Flo
LERAP Category Does Not Apply
Active Ingredient 400g/l propyzamide
Boom Sprayer Rate 4.25L/Hectare or 1.7L/Acre for Amenity areas
Knapsack Sprayer Rate 80ml per 10L of Water
Pack Size Coverage 1.5 Hectares or 15,000m2
Pack Size 5L
Application Method(s) Boom Sprayer, Knapsack
MPN 13716
Period Of Use January, February, March, October, November, December, Winter

Application Rates

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