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MACROcontrol (500 Nymphs)

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Whitefly, Spider Mite, Moth Eggs, Aphids and Leaf Miners

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Product Description

MACROcontrol is a predator for the control of whitefly, spider mite, moth eggs, aphids and leafminers. MACROcontrol contains Macrolophus pygmaeus adults and nymphs. They will hunt for various pests but favour whitefly. They will eat all stages of Whitefly but prefer the eggs and larvae. They can be used as both a preventative and curative application.

Storage: This product is perishable as it is a live product. They should only be stored for a maximum of 2 days after receipt and must be stored at a temperature of 8-10oC.

Features & Benefits:

  • Safe for humans, pets and the environment – children and pets need not be excluded from the areas.
  • This one product will control more than one single pest so you will not need to buy multiple products for a range of pests.
  • Can still be used in a spray programme with some pesticides including Dynamec or Smitten. If you have an unmanageable amount of pests and need to use a chemical, your beneficials should remain mostly unharmed.
  • Macrolophus will eat such a large range of pests that they shouldn’t run out of food. This means that they will live for longer and shouldn’t die out meaning they will act as a preventative measure as well as a curative measure.
  • MACROcontrol can be used in an organic pest control programme.

Please note that delivery can take up to 2 weeks - these are a live product that have specific transportation and storage conditons

**Due to the fact this is a living organism and requires refrigerated transport, all delivery details must be correct and someone must be in to receive the parcel. Failure to do this will likely result in the product having to be replaced at an additional cost**


Treats (Pest/Weed/Disease) Aphids, Leaf Miner, Spider Mite, Whitefly
Period Of Use Spring, Summer, Autumn

Application Rates