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Mogeton Moss Killer 750g

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A sprayable powder for the control of moss on Golf course Tee's & Green's

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Product Description

Mogeton® is a moss killer designed specifically for the elimination of moss (bryophytes) on grassed areas. Its active ingredient quinoclamine is absorbed by the green elements of moss. It acts by inhibiting photosynthesis. Mogeton® must therefore be applied when moss is present and during a period of active growth. In addition, applying Mogeton® leaves a surface deposit which inhibits the germination of moss spores and, therefore, its effectiveness is extended over many weeks.

Mogeton® can be used on managed amenity turf, however, this is restricted to golf courses only. When applying to managed amenity turf, apply via watering can only in accordance with instructions presented on the product label.

Mogeton® has recently been granted an Extension of Authorisation for Minor Use (EAMU 2273-2015) to allow applications to be made on protected ornamental plants for the control of Moss & Liverwort.

Mix in the product at 1.5 g/L of water (15 kg/ha) and apply by watering can on the infested areas at 1 L/m² (10,000 l/ha)

Apply one treatment per season between May and August when moss is present, and preferably when the sky is overcast and humidity is high, but not when it is raining. Do not apply during the first year after laying the grass. Grass and grass clippings should not be used for animal feed during the year of treatment. The effectiveness of Mogeton® is increased in warm humid conditions. In cold dry weather, its effectiveness will be delayed although the degree of effectiveness will not be affected.

Fill the watering can with half the required amount of water. Add and mix Mogeton® then top-up with the remaining water.

To ensure success in combating moss, a good soaking is essential. A minimum application volume of 1 l/m² (10,000 l/ha) must therefore be scrupulously adhered to. The watering can must be fitted with fine droplet sprinkler rose head or dribble bar. Only the infested areas of the grass should be treated.
Mogeton® must not be applied to impermeable surfaces. After treatment: wait long enough before re-entering the treated areas to allow the product to dry completely.

Application equipment (watering can) must be thoroughly cleaned with water (fill the watering can with sufficient water to effectively rinse the interior (by agitation of the can) including the lid, stem and rose prior to storage or use on other plants. Dispose of washings on areas of grass that have not been treated with Mogeton®.

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Our Recommendation

- Use with a watering can as best results are when the product is soaked in well

- If you are looking to kill moss in lawns then look at Ferro-gem

- Please note, this is only approved for use on golf course tee's & greens. 

Active Ingredient 250g/kg Quinoclamine
MAPP NO 15837
LERAP Category A
Pack Size 750g
Pack Size Coverage 500m2
Knapsack Sprayer Rate 15g per 10L of water
Boom Sprayer Rate 15kg per Hectare or 6kg per Acre
Application Method(s) Boom Sprayer, Knapsack
Treats (Pest/Weed/Disease) Moss
Area of Use Sports Turf

Application Rates

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