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Pearl Horse/Mares Tail Weed Killer 500ml

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This Product Has Now Been Discontinued. Look At Its Replacement - Diamond

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Product Description

This product has now been discontinued * as of 31st January 2019 is not permitted to be sold in the UK. View our brand new alternative product Diamond

Pearl is a soluble concentrate formulation containing 150 g/l (13.52% w/w) glufosinate-ammonium. It is a fast acting desiccant herbicide used for controlling many grasses & broadleaved weeds, including troublesome weeds such as Horse-tail. Pearl can be used around the following areas; Fence lines, Natural surfaces not intended to bear vegetation, Permeable surfaces overlaying soils, Hard surfaces & Managed amenity turf for line-marking preparation.

Although Pearl is mainly a contact herbicide, there is also some translaminar movement within the plant (moving around the leaf). This makes it a safer alternative to glyphosate when spraying near wanted vegetation. Stems of trees & shrubs are largely un-affected by a treatment of Pearl™, although care should be taken as some speckling may occur. Effects of Pearl™ can be seen within 48 hours making it an ideal total herbicide choice.

Pearl is available exclusively to Agrigem and is also available in a larger pack size as Pearl 5L. Pearl is an alternative brand to third party brands such as Whippet, Harvest®, Finale® 150 & Kurtail Gold®


Recommended Dilution Rates for Pearl
Rate Per Hectare Dilution Per Litre Weeds Controlled
5 Litres 11ml per litre of water Annual grasses, annual & perennial broad-leaved weeds

On large or tough weeds two treatments may be needed, the first to kill the top growth, and the second to kill the stems or any lower leaves, the interval between treatments is usually within 14 days. For best results, we would also recommend the use of a water conditioner & herbicide enhancer which is called Activate-g


Recommended Period of Use
Jan Feb
Mar Apr May
Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
    leaf leaf leaf leaf leaf leaf leaf      
leaf = Optimum time for application


Our Recommendation

- If you want to control grass around trees, then try a graminicide called Falcon

- For best results use with a fine-medium nozzle, this ensures good coverage over weeds.

- Mix in with Blue Dye to ensure no areas are missed

- Required Safety Equipment - Gloves, Face Shield Coveralls



Brand Pearl
Active Ingredient 150 g/L (13.52% w/w) glufosinate-ammonium
MAPP NO 17531
LERAP Category Does Not Apply
Pack Size 500ml
Pack Size Coverage 1,200m2
Knapsack Sprayer Rate 65-110ml per 10L of water
Boom Sprayer Rate 5L per Hectare
Application Method(s) Boom Sprayer, Knapsack
MPN Does not apply

Application Rates

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