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Majestik 5L

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Fast Acting Pesticide For Spider Mites

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Product Description

Majestik is a fast acting pesticide which provides effective control of spider mites and white fly on all outdoor and protected crops. A soluble concentrate containing naturally derived 49% w/w maltodextrin, Majestik has a physical mode of action in which the pest's spiracles are blocked leading to suffocation. 

Spider mites are tiny (less than 1mm in size) sap-sucking mites which cause mottled foliage and premature leaf loss. If untreated, or if the plant is badly infested, the plant's health will deterioate and may develop entirely yellow leaves and stop growing; therefore it is cricual to protect plants and control early sign of infestations. As they are classed as arachnids, a telltale sign of spider mite is typical webbing (created as a form of protection for them and their eggs) on the plant. 

Key Benefits: 

- Fast acting.

- For use on all outdoor and protected crops.

- Physical mode of action- suffocates target pests. 

- Provides high levels of control from multiple applications.

- Results seen 2-4 hours after application. 


Our Recommendation: 

- Always read the product label before use. 

- Repeat applications to achieve further control. 

- For best results during application ensure good coverage and contact of pests. 

- Pay special attention to the underside of leaves and growing points. 

- After a natural method of control for spider mite? Take a look at PHYTOcontrol.  

- Always wear protective clothing, such as Chemical Resistant Gloves, when handling Majestik. 

Active Ingredient 49% w/w maltodextrin
MAPP NO 17240
LERAP Category Does Not Apply
Pack Size 5L
Boom Sprayer Rate Max 25ml / L water
Application Method(s) Boom Sprayer
MPN Does not apply

Application Rates

Fill sprayer with half the required volume of water (using mains water) and commence agitation. Add measured quantity of Majestik. Complete filling of sprayer with water to the required volume. Ensure product is thoroughly mixed before application.

Application rates in the region of 1000 to 3000 l/ha applied with 80o flat fan nozzles, spaced 30cm apart with an operating pressure of 2.5 to 3.0 bar. Angle the nozzle 45o upwards from the horizontal on the boom. At a nominal walking speed of 1 m/s this can be achieved with a nozzle flow rate of 1.2 l/min. For this, the nozzle type ‘03f80’ is needed. Spider mites migrate to the top of the plant canopy as the season progresses. Therefore to target this area it is important to match the height of the boom/spray to the height of the canopy

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