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Common Name Dandelion
Scientific Name Taraxacum officinalis
Areas affected

Lawns, hard surfaces and cultivated ground

Main Causes

Spread by seed and regenerates from tap root

Timing Flowers March to October


What is a Dandelion?

A dandelion is a very widely distributed weed that originates from the daisy family. It has a rosette of leaves and yellow flowers that has a globe of heads with seeds and tufts. Often described as a weed, these wildflowers can attract an array of wildlife. They are most unsightly in lawns where they can often sit under the height of the blades and stand out when in flower.


Dandelions can be easily identified with their distinct yellow flower and leaves. They are often found in parks, lawns and on Public footpaths.

The Problem

Dandelions can slowly take over a lawn by shedding their seeds when knocked or when there is a windy day. They have a deep tap root which also allows them to continue growing through the summer months when grass growth slows.


Though it is time consuming, hand weeding or hoeing beds and borders can be the best way to control this weed. However, if you have this weed in a ‘bare area’ then we would recommend a treatment of ‘Diamond’ which will control all other weeds and grasses.

If you have this weed within grassland, we would recommend looking at ‘Thrust’ which is safe to the grass. If you have this problem within a lawn, we would recommend looking at ‘Enforcer’.

For control around Trees & Ornamentals consider looking at Flexidor.

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