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Fat Hen

Common Name Fat Hen
Other Names

Lamb's Quarters, Melde, White Goosefoot, Manure Weed, Pigweed

Scientific Name Chenopodium album
Weed Type Fast growing annual plant
Occurence Gardens or Cultivated land


Main Causes

Seedlings or nutrients from other plants

Timings Spring to late Summer

What is Fat Hen?

Fat Hen is a native plant that grows in the summer and it is often found on waste and cultivated land, it can be found in many parts of the UK. It can be found in sandy and clay areas and not associated with Calcareous soils or gravel it can grow best when it is on fertile soil it is also known to be a weed that is hard to contain.

Identification & Occurrence

Fat Hen can be variable in looks but is medium to tall mealyplant, the leaves can be variable also they can be lanceolate shaped to diamond shaped and they can be tiny flowers in green.

The Problem

Fat hen is a weed that can grow very quickly around open ground and competes with other weeds for nutrients.

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