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How To Aerate Grass

What exactly is aerating grass – this is a process that is carried out to help soil that is compacted in one place to be spread out evenly. This process would be carried out to maintain root growth as if soil was compacted in one area there would be issues for the root to grow.

When to aerate grass

The best time to aerate grass is usually around late spring as if you were to do it on the onset of the spring as existing grass will usually not grow and the weeds would not of started to populate.

The most popular time to aerate is usually when the temperature drops and is cooling off when weeds are actively growing.

Equipment to look to use to aerate a lawn

There are different types of been able to aerate a lawn.

  1. Spike aerators – these have spikes on them, and they make little spike holes in the ground and these are in a hole.
  2. Slicing Aerators – these apparatuses have rotating blades that usually cut or slice through grass down to the soil these leave soil in the ground and but they leave ravines like pathways so the soil can get air water and the nutrients it needs.
  3. Plug Aerators – These are usually liked by Lawn Professionals these types of aerators use hollow tines that remove plugs of soil off the lawn and are usually deposited on top when they break down the size of the plug usually vary in size and width about this depends.

Step by Step guide

  1. Before attempting to aerate the lawn give the lawn a good Mow
  2. Next aerate the area that has been mowed #
  3. After aerating the lawn apply the dressing to the area that has been aerated
  4. Spread the top dressing evenly
  5. Finally Water the lawn and wait to see results.

Top tips to aerating a lawn

  1. Aeration reduces thatch accumulating
  2. Aeration combats soil compaction
  3.  Making sure the time of aerating is paramount

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