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How To Remove Nettles In Paddocks

How to identify Nettles

See our A > Guide on Nettles HERE

The problem with Nettles is that they grow in huge clumps in a very short space of time, competing with grass for water, sunlight and nutrition. They’re terribly common and affect many areas including paddocks, gardens and areas with newly cultivated soil, especially when the phosphate levels are high (Use our soil analysis service to check if you are susceptible).

Nettles are also troublesome due to the nasty sting that they inflict whne touched.

Non-Chemical Methods of control

You can dig up the plants at any time of the year. However, it is important that you prevent the stinging nettles, especially those that are annual, seeding by cutting down the plants in mid-summer or even earlier. It should be noted that nettles cannot withstand repeated mowing.

Chemical Control

If the nettles are appearing in areas you don’t want any plant growth, you could use a glyphosate based product such as Roundup Pro Active or Gallup Home & Garden. Consider mixing this with Paradise to ensure that the area is weed free for the growing season (5 months).

If the nettles are growing amongst grass that you don’t want to kill, you’ll need to use a selective herbicide. We would recommend spraying the chemical Thrust at 3L/HA with the aid of the enhancer Activate G. To increase the spectrum of controllable weeds we would recommend using Thrust 3L/HA mixed with Vivendi at 1L/HA.

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