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Resolva Bug & Mildew Remover RTU 1L

Resolva Bug & Mildew Remover RTU 1L
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Effective Control of Plant Pests & Mildew

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Key Information

Additional Information

Active IngredientNatural substances
LERAP CategoryDoes Not Apply
Pack Size1L
Treats (Pest/Weed/Disease)Altenaria Leaf Blight, Aphids, Box Blight, Greenfly, Leaf Spot, Powdery Mildew, Rust, Spider Mite, Weevil
Area of UseTrees & Ornamentals
Safe For Use OnConifer Safe, Safe Around Fruit Trees, Safe Around Shrubs, Safe Around Trees, Sports Turf
Period Of UseAll Year Round
Product LabelDownload


Resolva Natural Power Bug & Mildew works by physical action to provide safe and effective control of a wide range of plant pests (such as aphids, whitefly, greenfly and spidermite) and mildew. This product also contains added plant nutrients which help leaves restore their green colour after a pest infestation.


How To Use:

- Shake well before use.

- Always read the label fully before use.

- Rotate the spray adjuster to ‘spray’ or ‘stream’ setting. Spray so that both the upper and lower leaf surfaces are thoroughly wetted.

- The spray works by physical means, so it must be directly applied to pests.

- Rotate the spray adjuster to ‘X’ position after use and before storage.

Key Benefits:

- Effectively eradicates and prevents whitefly, greenfly, blackfly, spider mites, mealybugs, mealy cabbage, aphid, scale insects, psyllids and powdery mildew.

- Safe for use all around the garden, on all ornamental and edible plants.

- Can be used indoors, outdoors or in the greenhouse.

- Edible crops can safely be picked and eaten on the same day you spray them.

- Contains added plant nutrients, to help green up leaves after pest attack plus leaf shine to clean off sticky honeydew created by pests.

- Pests cannot develop resistance to the product.

Our Recommendation:

- Always read the product label before use.

- Use at the first signs of infestation. Rainfall shortly after application may reduce effectiveness and re-treatment may be necessary.

- Repeat weekly for best results and to keep pests under control. Some difficult pests (such as mealybug) will require several treatments for effective control. You can start to tackle very heavy infestations by spraying several times, 2-3 days apart.

- Do not spray in hot, dry conditions, as this may scorch plants.

- Before treating very valuable, exotic or unusual plants undertake a test for damage on one plant or part of the plant and observe over a 10 day period.

- Direct the spray away from ponds and other surface water bodies.

- Wash hands and any exposed skin after using the product.

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Product Calculator

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