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Ronstar 2G

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Long Lasting Weed Control Around Trees & Shrubs
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Product Description

MAPP No – 12965

LERAP Category – N/A

Active Ingredient 2% oxadiazon

Spreading Rate 2kg per 100mof Pot Surface

Area Covered – 2 Hectares or 2000m2

Pack Size – 20kg

Required Safety Equipment - Gloves, Face Shield & Coveralls

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Ronstar 2G is a granular herbicide which controls annual broad leaf weeds and grasses around trees & shurbs. It is formulated as a granule to give pre-emergence residual control of the weeds, while offering outstanding levels of crop safety.

Now with specific off-label approval for ornamental shrub beds (20102995).


Weeds Controlled


Annual   Meadow Grass Forget-me-not Red Dead Nettle
Annual Nettle Fumitory Redshank
Black-Bindweed Groundsel Runch 
Black   Nightshade Hairy bitter-cress Scarlet Pimpernel
Charlock Italian Rye-grass Shepards Purse
Cleavers Knotgrass Small Nettle
Corn Spurrey Liverwort - MS Smooth Meadow-grass
corn Poppy Mayweed - MS Sowthistle
Docks (From   Seed) Orache Speedwell(s)
Fat Hen Oxalis Spp Sun Spurge


Crop Tolerance


Abelia -   T Dianthus - T Juniperus - T Pieris - T Skimmia - T
Acer - T Daphne - T Laurus - T Pinus - T Sorbus - T
Azalea - T Deutzia - T Ligustrum - T Pittosporum - T Syringa - T
Berberis - MS Eleagnus - T Liquidambar - T Potentilla - T Taxus - T
Betula - T Erica - MS Lonicera - T Prunus - T Tsuga - T
Buddleia - T Escallonia - T Magnolia - T Pseudotsuga - T Viburnum - T
Buxus - T Euonymus - T Malus - T Pyracantha - T Vinca - MS
Camellia - T Fagus - T Mahonia - T Pyrus - T Weigelia - T
Ceanothus - T Forsythia - MS Myrtus - T Quercus - T Yucca - T
Chamaecyparis   - T Fraxinus - T Nandina - T Rhododendron - T  
Choisyia - T Garrya - T Olearla - T Rosa - T  
Clematis - T Hebe - T Osmanthus - T Rubus - T  
Cornus - T Hedera - T Pachysandra - T Sarcococca - T  
Cotoneaster -   T Hypericum - T Philadelphus - T Schaefferia - T  
Cupressus - T llex - T Picea - T Senecio - T  

T = Tolerant, MS = Moderately Susceptible, S = Susceptible



Our Recommendation



*Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use*

*For more information regarding this product please download the Product Label*



Safe Use Of Pesticides


Please be aware that by proceeding you are agreeing to the legal responsibilities covering the storage and use of professional pesticides. The purchaser and/or end user must hold the correct qualifications and use products in line with the industry Code of Practice.


The responsibilities of the purchaser/end user are covered by The Food and Environment Protection Act 1985 (FEPA) and Control of Pesticide Regulations 1986 (COPR). For details of these regulations click here


 Product Documentation

Product Label - click here

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) - click here  



Brand N/A
LERAP Category N/A
Active Ingredient N/A
Boom Sprayer Rate N/A
Knapsack Sprayer Rate N/A
Fertiliser Spreading Rate N/A
Pack Size Coverage N/A
Pack Size N/A
Application Method(s) N/A
Treats (Pest/Weed/Disease) N/A
Area of Use N/A
Safe For Use On N/A
Period Of Use N/A

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