Waste Disposal



Once you have used a pesticide product, you are legally obliged to ensure the empty container is disposed of correctly. We have a service which enables us to collect these empty containers from you and dispose of them using a licensed recycling company.

When we receive your empty containers, the plastic will be shredded, washed and granulated into a form that the plastics industry can readily use to manufacture items such as flooring, fence posts, patio furniture or recycling bins. You will then be given a waste collection note. This service is available from a single container up to IBC cages.


  1. Once you have finished spraying ensure you triple rinse containers, sealing and shaking after each rinse to ensure residue around the lid and handle is removed.
  2. Dispose of cardboard outers as non-hazardous waste.
  3. Crush the containers to reduce the size
  4. Fasten the lid back on to avoid any drips
  5. Put the containers in the sealed bag and await collection from our couriers.


This service is also available on unwanted or out of date pesticides. Price will depend on location, volume & the products you have.

We are also available to dispose of chemical which is no longer required.

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