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Yellow Insect Sticky Traps

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Catches Pests And Flying Insects To Protect Plants


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Product Description

Sticky traps are a great chemical free way to protect your plants from flying insects in your green house, poly tunnel or conservatory. They are coated on both sides with a non drying glue that will last for months. Pests such as whitefly are attracted to their vibrant yellow colour and once they have landed will become completely stuck and eventually die. To use sticky traps,  simply hang them above the plants you wish to protect. 

Sticky traps will help to control whitefly, aphids, thrips, leaf hopper, leaf miner and sciarid fly. 

These sticky traps are 10cm x 25cm

Key Benefits:

- Safe for humans, pets and the environment – children and pets need not be excluded from the areas.

- Can be used in an organic pest control programme.

- Reduces the amount of chemicals needed.

- Can be used to monitor how many pests are active as well as a control method. 


Our Recommendation:  

- For monitoring purposes use 50 traps per hectare. Where traps are being used in high population areas use 1 trap per 2 square metres.

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Area of Use Horticulture, Plants
MPN Does not apply

Application Rates

For monitoring purposes 50 traps per hectare.

Where traps are being used in high population areas 1 trap per 2 square metres

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