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Gem Granules Back After Two Year Absence

Posted by Katie Birch on 05 January 2022 in Agrigem News Trees, Plants & Ornamentals Product Updates
Gem Granules Back After Two Year Absence

Agrigem have expanded their granular weed killer range with the re-introduction of Gem Granules, exclusively available from Agrigem. This granular residual herbicide is back by popular demand and can be applied around trees, shrubs and ornamental plantings in order to deliver long-lasting weed control against grasses and broad-leaved weeds. This seasonal product works best in the Winter or Spring, between October and April when conditions are cooler. Users will find the easiest way to apply this product is with the Gem Granule Applicator for an even coverage. This applicator can be used with the two sizes of Gem Granules, 1kg and 5kg. 1kg can cover 260 trees whereas, 5kg will cover up to 1,300 trees. As this product is safe round trees it is perfect for Christmas trees as it controls the weeds surrounding the base of the tree.

Gem Granules have been specially formulated to control many weeds which are present during the cooler periods of the year. These weeds include Bindweed, Dock, Broadleaved Weeds, Couch Grass, Fat Hen, Meadow Grass and Shepherds Purse. The granules will deliver long-lasting control of germinating weeds as well as laying a residual barrier for up to 6 months. This will help prevent re-emergence of the weeds that have grown beneath shrubs and trees.

With Gem Granules having 4% Propyzamide as its active ingredient, it ensures that they target all the main grassweeds and broadleaved weeds. The granules act on the roots of the target plant with the results affecting the plants leaves by yellowing them and distorting the growth of the stems. This product is easy to use as it can be applied to all soil types, however the product needs moist, cold soils for root uptake. It can be used in all weather conditions except on top of snow or on severely frozen ground. What really sets Gem Granules apart from other herbicides is the ease of application; the granular formula using an applicator is by far the easiest way to apply herbicides without mixing concentrated liquids or using a knapsack sprayer.

Gem Granules are back in stock for immediate despatch, and can be ordered direct from Agrigem’s website,, or from your Agrigem Rep. For a limited time Agrigem are also offering a Free Applicator with every purchase of Gem Granules.