Our main focus of the new website was to improve the overall customer experience to give you a seamless and helpful shopping journey, whether you're a trade customer, a general consumer, novice or pro. Here are just some of the new features that are sure to enhance your shopping experience with Agrigem:

VAT Slider: With our slick VAT slider sitting right at the top of the page on desktop, you can easily toggle between prices.

new VAT slider

Favourites feature: Ever found a product you absolutely adore? Now, you can mark it as a favourite and create your own personalised wish list. Easy-peasy!

Product Compare: Can't decide between two fantastic fertilisers? Our Compare product function is here to help. Put your top picks side by side and make an informed decision.

New product compare tool

How-to guides: Dive into the world of expertise with how-to guides seamlessly integrated into product categories and search results. Wisdom at your fingertips!

Search smarter: Say goodbye to endless scrolling! Our improved search function ensures you find exactly what you need, faster and with less hassle.

Improved search function

Instant sorting and filtering: Filter and sort products effortlessly on category pages, saving you time and helping you to focus on the perfect fertiliser or grass seed.

Handpicked recommendations: "You may also need" suggestions will pop-up on product pages and when adding items to your basket, guiding you towards complementary products.

Out of stock? No problem: Can't get your hands on a favourite? Fear not! Automatic recommended alternatives will keep your plans on track even when a product is temporarily out of stock.

Simplified checkout: Our one-page checkout is a game-changer, making the purchase process smoother. Plus, we only pop in the pesticide legal disclaimer when absolutely necessary keeping it simple and straightforward.

Track and print with ease: Want to keep tabs on your order or print an invoice? Now you can, right from within your My Account page.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the revamped Agrigem website and elevate your gardening, farming or paddock maintenance game. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, our new features are designed with you in mind.