We all know that gardening is a healthy pastime - who needs to do 10,000 steps a day with all that digging, mowing and pruning keeping you fit! 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a window box gardener or you have acres to care for; gardening is good for our mental health and well-being, a distraction from everyday stresses and a hugely satisfying way to spend time.

But there are ways to make it even easier and safer with a few adjustments to protect your health and help you make the most of this rewarding hobby.

According to research, gardening was the most popular pastime for the over 50s in 2023, with nearly half of UK residents in that age group citing it as their primary interest. 

A plea from your knees

But you don’t have to be past middle age to think about looking after yourself when gardening. Taking steps to protect your knee joints before issues arise can help delay the onset of joint related problems in later life.

An ideal knee-friendly garden would have raised beds in place of borders. But if raised beds or planters aren’t an option for you, you’re already dealing with joint issues like arthritis, or you’re likely to be kneeling for any length of time, then a joint-friendly garden kneeling pad will help cushion your knees when you’re planting, pruning, or weeding at ground level.

Spend £100* between 12th and 15th April 2024, and we’ll give you a FREE Agrigem garden kneeling pad worth £11.99 (inc. VAT) while stocks last.

A kneeling pad will also help keep your clothing dry, and your knees warmer when kneeling on damp grass or ground, providing an additional layer of defence from arthritis pain.

Replace your kneeling pad as soon as the foam starts to compact or thin as this will reduce its protection. Damaged or worn kneeling pads should also be replaced. 

Good gardeners love gloves

The bacteria in your soil has a crucial role to play in breaking down organic matter and helping plants access nutrients. But some bacteria and fungi can also cause infection if they find their way in via cuts and scratches.

Sporotrichosis, also known as ‘Rose Handlers Disease’ for example is a rare but unpleasant fungal infection that can develop from a rose thorn prick if the plant is carrying the Sporothrix fungus. 

Wearing puncture resistant gloves when gardening is a low cost way to enhance safety in the garden and help keep your hands clean, dry and free from infection. However, for optimum protection, gloves should always be replaced when they start to wear or develop holes.

Make sure you choose gloves that allow a high level of dexterity for more precise garden tasks. Gardening gloves with a textured latex coating will help you grip tools – especially important in wet weather.

Spray away

Anyone who’s attempted to control fungus growth or aphid infestations on trees or ornamentals with a spray treatment will know the perils of a sudden change in wind direction.

Why take the risk of inhaling chemicals from spray drift or getting some of that spray in your eyes? Wearing an adjustable face shield when undertaking these garden activities will help keep you safe.

A simple, lightweight, comfortable shield will give your face 100% protection from spray drift and splashback, leaving you free to focus on the important task of keeping your garden free from fungus and pests.

Agrigem’s face shields have a scratch-resistant plastic visor for long-lasting protection and to help maintain clear vision – particularly important when reading chemical product labels.

For longer tasks, you might want to consider a professional coverall to help protect clothing and exposed skin from liquids or dusts. 

Make gardening amazing with Agrigem

Most of us enjoy our gardens without a thought for our own health and safety; after all, what’s not to love about getting out in the fresh air and seeing our planting efforts come to life through the growing season? But a few quick changes to our gardening routines can help protect us and make our time spent in the garden more enjoyable. 

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*Excluding VAT and shipping. Kneeling pads are available while stocks last.