What Are Docks?

Docks are a perennial weed that grow in Grassland, disturbed gardens and woodland. They are a plant that can produce a massive amount of seed and quickly establish themselves thanks to their deep-rooted tap root. There are various species of Doc including ‘Curled Dock’, Creeping Dock’ & ‘Perennial Dock’. They are difficult to eradicate due to the size of the leaf & root and how tough and waxy the leaves and stem can become.


It is easy to identify a dock plant when they are established as they have a large broad leaf that can grow upwards of 3 foot high often with a seed head at the top. When they are smaller or at ‘cotyledon stage’ (the first 2 leaves visible) they can be trickier to identify.
During the summer months they can have a visible shiny appearance to the leaf.

The Problem:

Docks have a thick branched root that can regrow if it becomes damaged and can re populate. It is important not to disturb them or try to pull them out as it can easily snap.
Seeds can produce in abundance if left on a surface and the seeds can also be imported via manure.


Docks can be hard to control once they have become established and in some cases it can take several years to fully eradicate them. While mowing, rolling, and grazing with sheep will help keep it at bay, they will not remove the problem. The only way to fully control is with a targeted application of herbicide.

We recommend using a herbicide specifically designed to target all species of Dock such as Doxstar Pro. 

If you have this weed in a ‘bare area’ then we would recommend a treatment of Diamond which will control all other weeds and grasses.

If you have this problem within a lawn, we would recommend looking at Enforcer.

For more information on controlling Docks, please get in touch with our sales team on 01522 246481.