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Weed Control

Weed Control

Total, Long Lasting & Selective Weed Killer

Our wide range of weed killers and herbicides includes those suited to professional or amateur use. We offer total, long lasting & selective weed control products and solutions for a wide range of areas including racecourses, golf courses, horticulture and domestic gardens.

A total weed killer, such as Diamond or Roundup, is a product that will control weeds and another vegetation that it comes into contact with. This type of weed killer is suited to hard surfaces or for areas where you wish to kill grass also. If you are looking to control weeds within grassed areas such as lawns, sports pitches or paddocks we recommend the use of a selective herbicide, such as Enforcer or Headland Polo, which will control the target weed but leave the grass unharmed.

Please note these products may require a pesticide operator’s license to apply and may have restrictions as to what area or time of year they can be applied. For further information on our range, or for advice on your weed control programme please see our free online help and advice centre.

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