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16-16-16 Bulk Bag 600kg Fertiliser

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Triple 16 Fertiliser
Excl. VAT: £265.00 Incl. VAT: £318.00

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LERAP Category N/A

Active Ingredient  16% Nitrogen, 16% Phosphate & 16% Potassium

Spreading Rate 70-150kg per Hectare or 7g-15g per m2

Area Covered Up to 8 Hectares 

Pack Size 600kg

Required Safety Equipment - Gloves


16-16-16 is a quality N-P-K fertiliser which offers a balanced feed. This can be used as a standard treatment for feeding grass which will be grazed or used to make hay. It is possibly the most flexible blend of fertiliser which we offer as it delivers the same amount of Nitrogen, Phosphate & Potassium. This can be particularly useful if you are on ground which is slightly deficient in Phosphate or Potassium as you are also delivering Nitrogen which will be needed to promote top growth. 

The application rate will depend on how many times you will apply the product, and also what the grass is going to be used for. If you want to find out what is in your soil, and the amount of fertiliser you will require, then look at our Paddock Soil Analysis

For a general feed we recommend 75-150kg/ha or 30-70kg/acre. If you require a product with a higher level of Nitrogen then consider 20-10-10 Fertiliser. If you require a fertiliser with no Nitrogen, then consider looking at 0-24-24

If you really want to make your paddocks look good, consider over-seeding with Paddock Grass Seed. This will help to fill out any bare or thin patches.

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Recommended Period of Use
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Mar Apr May
Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
= Optimum time for application

Understanding Fertiliser Analysis

Under the metric system the unit of measurement is a kg

Recommendations are given in kg/ha

A fertiliser with the analysis 16:16:16 contains:-

16% Nitrogen 16% Phosphate 16% Potassium

So in a 600kg bag:-

16% of the 600kg is Nitrogen i.e. 96kg N

16% of the 600kg is Phosphate i.e. 96kg P

16% of the 600kg is Potassium i.e. 96kg K

For more information on Fertiliser rates visit


Our Recommendation

- Do not graze until all fertiliser prills have completely disolved, typically 2-3 days

- If you are looking for a liquid fertiliser look at Nutri-gem Liquid

- Improve the pH of your soil by applying Granulated Lime

- View our range of walk behind, towable & mounted Fertiliser Spreaders

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