As autumn is in full swing it is time to start planning ahead and getting your field in a better condition, so it is more prepared and healthier for winter. With the weather becoming cooler and having a little more rainfall, it is the perfect time to be preparing your paddock for the colder season ahead.

Fertilising, controlling weeds and applying drainage is essential to get your paddock in tip-top condition for winter.

From summer to autumn there is usually a flush of grass growth. Applying a top dressing of fertiliser will encourage this grass growth. Getting your grass into a thicker and denser sward will help the grass to be protected over winter.

To get the most suitable fertiliser for your paddock, a Paddock Soil Analysis should be carried out. This will be best to be taken in October as it will identify what nutrients your paddock is lacking, and steps can be made to rectify these before growth stops for the Winter.

When applying fertiliser, Agrigem have a wide range suited for paddocks. These are formulated to offer a balanced and general maintenance feed for your paddock, whilst also aiming to produce a tightly knitted grass sward with not too much top growth. This will not only help areas against poaching, but it will also help to protect your horses' hooves against damage.

You may think it is more beneficial to control weeds in spring, but after the summer months if you still have weeds to control, it is best waiting for the autumn flush which is when new weeds start to germinate due to the increased soil moisture.

If you have large established weeds such as docks, nettles, bramble or ragwort then it is recommended these are mowed or topped around 3 weeks before spraying.  

Product Recommendations:

  • Paddock Soil Analysis
  • 20-10-10 Paddock Fertiliser
  • 16-16-16 Paddock Fertiliser
  • 0-24-24 Paddock Fertiliser
  • Grazon Pro
  • Thrust