With spring just around the corner I’ve started looking into my field and seeing what weeds and unwanted plants are hiding in the grass. Accessing the paddock now will allow me to have a look into what herbicide or weedkiller I will need to control those unwanted visitors. 

The weeds I have noticed in my paddock are Thistles and Nettles. Thistles can be a problem in fields, more so if you have drier land, as they thrive more on dry land than they do on wetter land. This makes them less of a problem if you still have waterlogged fields. In paddocks there can be two types of thistles that can occur; spear thistle and creeping thistle. They can be easily treated either by a herbicide or general hands-on weeding. Spear thistle can be removed by digging them out or destroying the rosette when the plants are young, and the soil is damp. Creeping thistle on the other hand shouldn’t be dug out as it tends to propagate through roots rather than the seed. Fragments of the root left in the soil after digging or pulling at the thistle and can remain dormant for years and is very efficient at regenerating into a new plant.  

The other problem weed that has occurred is Nettles. They can be a problem in paddocks as the root can creep across the surface of the soil and take root. The combination of surface growing and underground roots mean it can spread quickly and become quite a big problem if left untreated. There are two types of nettles: perennial, which spread by root, and annual nettles, which reproduce by seed. The actual plant and roots will only last for one year, but the seeds sown will produce the next year's crop. Both of these types of nettles can be dug up and removed but the most effective method of eradication is chemical control. 

You can start thinking ahead about which herbicide would be most suitable for your paddock. A selective herbicide can be used on both of these weeds if you are wanting a highly effective and quick resolution to your problem. My recommended herbicide weedkiller is Thrust 5L. 

Thrust is a strong selective weedkiller for the control of annual and broad-leaved weeds. As thrust is a selective herbicide it will not harm the grass. It can be applied through a vehicle mounted or handheld sprayer making it a useful and versatile product.  

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