Has your lawn gone brown due to the lack of rain? Don’t panic!

It is not common for Britain to experience long periods of drought, however when this does happen it can cause even the most perfectly cared for lawns to go brown. Whilst this may look unsightly and lead you to believe your perfect lawn is gone forever, the grass is absolutely fine! Turning brown is actually part of the grass’s survival technique during hot and dry weather; the food and water is temporarily stored in the underground roots, rather than the leaves.

Whilst well established lawns rarely die from drought (it is the newly turfed lawns that are at risk), weeds are likely to become much more prominent in this time as their long roots enable them to reach groundwater that the grass cannot.

When rain is finally forecast (not the usual statement!) we recommend using a wetting agent such as Abzorb. Working by breaking down the lipids that have waterproofed the soil, Abzorb enables the rain to penetrate the soil and reach the roots of the grass. Abzorb also holds the water in the root zone (where it is most needed) by increasing the humic content of the soil. This will benefit good soil bacteria and overall lead to a healthier soil structure and lawn.

Once the rain has arrived and the grass is beginning to recover, it is time to apply a fertiliser such as Nutrigem 20-20-20 Foliar Fertiliser. A concentrated emulsion fertiliser, Nutrigem 20-20-20 contains a unique package of organic plant growth stimulants and fully chelated trace elements. As well as providing the macro and micro nutrients needed for a healthy lawn, this product also provides stress relief.

So when drought occurs, don’t worry! Your grass will be Wimbledon-green again in no time!

The Agrigem Technical Team