Global crop protection manufacturer Nufarm has teamed up with Agrigem, the amenity and sports turf products specialist, to deliver Plazma, a brand new systemic fungicide, carefully crafted for sports surface disease management. The joint venture will see Plazma benefitting from Nufarm’s one hundred years as a leading manufacturer combined with Agrigem’s dedicated workforce of technical experts and distribution network.

Agrigem and Nufarm have identified a gap in the market for a highly effective, broad spectrum fungicide. Available in one litre bottles, the industry leading 250g per litre concentration of Azoxystrobin means the active ingredient is delivered quicker, acts faster and has a higher protectant action than other broad spectrum fungicides.

It has long been known that Azoxystrobin targets diseases such as Fusarium Patch, Take-All Patch, Brown Patch, Leaf Spot, Rust Diseases, Fairy Rings & Anthracnose. Plazma, with a high concentration of Azoxystrobin has shown to have a particular effectiveness against Dollar Spot and works even in high humidity conditions such as stadiums. The active ingredient travels through the plant, inhibiting fungal respiration and prevents disease by systemic, translaminar and protectant activity.

Available in cost effective 1 litre bottles, Plazma is set to be a game changer in the world of sports turf management. Areas such as golf, bowling greens, sports pitches and tennis courts that suffer from unsightly turf diseases can be targeted to ensure your turf is always looking its best.

Launched in the UK on June 9th 2021, Plazma is available to buy now and has already seen excellent uptake within the sports and amenity turf management industry. As the exclusive supplier, Agrigem has a wealth of technical knowledge as well as experts throughout the country who can advise and visit your ground to ensure you are getting the results you need from your products.

Whilst only currently available in the UK, there are plans to launch in Ireland later this year. In the meantime Plazma is in stock for next day delivery, online or through your Agrigem account manager.

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