If you are suffering from unsightly weeds around hedges, shrubs and trees and are looking for a long lasting solution, we have the solution. Weeds around hedges, trees and shrubs compete with the plant for light, water and nutrients. This can kill young hedging plants or slow growth rates and make your desired shrub or tree more susceptible to disease. Above all, weeds look unsightly and manual weeding is a constant and repetitive chore.

As the soil temperature falls, Agrigem has the perfect solution to weeds such as Bindweed, Grasses, Daisy, Dandelion and General Broadleaved Weeds. Gem Granules from Agrigem are effective on all these pests damaging your trees, hedges and shrubs without harming the plant. The full range of controllable weeds (plus all the trees and ornamentals it is safe to use around) is available on the product label. Gem Granules contain 4% Propyzamide, a systemic, post-emergent herbicide.

Gem Granules are simple to use. As a granular herbicide, there is no mixing of liquid chemicals. Simply use the Gem Granules applicator to pour the granules on the soil around the tree or ornamental, or along the hedge line. The granules will then dissolve slowly into to the soil, killing the weeds and providing a protective barrier to new weeds growing. This offers long lasting weed control over these pests. You can apply Gem Granules between October and January, when the soil temperature is cooler. Gem Granules work best when the soil temperature is below 8°C and there’s plenty of moisture.

Gem Granules come in 1kg and 5kg pack sizes depending on your requirements. The smaller pack size will treat approximately 260 trees, whereas the larger, 5kg pack size will treat around 1300 trees. Both sizes are more effective and better value than the alternative brand Kerb Granules. We always recommend using an applicator to maintain an even spread and to prevent having to handle the granules.

Gem Granules are available now, on a speedy next day service. If you need further advice, don’t hesitate to contact one of the BASIS qualified technical team.