Maintaining a garden that's both pristine and free from weeds is no easy feat! Thankfully, an amazing formula exists that goes a long way in the battle against unwelcome weeds – Gem Granules. Created solely to tackle weeds, these granules deliver precise and efficient control, making them the preferred choice for gardeners both amateur and professional. In this blog we’ll delve into the ins and outs of Gem Granules; the intricacies of their application and pinpoint the optimal times for their use.


What are Gem Granules?

Gem Granules are a type of selective herbicide formulated to control a wide range of broadleaf weeds in gardens and other landscaped areas - they're generally applied around trees, shrubs and ornamental plantings. The active ingredients in Gem Granules target specific weeds while sparing desirable grasses and plants, making it a popular choice for those who want precision in their weed control. In fact, Gem Granules are the standard treatment when controlling weeds around Christmas trees as it doesn’t harm the tree and it delivers long-lasting control of weeds.


How to use gem granules:

First and foremost: Read the Label. Before anything else, carefully read and understand the product label. It’s important to note, herbicides can be dangerous when not handled and applied properly.

Protect yourself: Even if you’re using an applicator, don’t forget your protective gloves.

Choose the right time: Gem Granules are most effective when applied during the growing season of weeds, which is autumn and winter. Applying in autumn can help deter growth in winter, and winter application acts as a great top up.

Prepare the area: Remove any debris, dead plants or other obstacles from the area you plan to treat. Make sure that the soil is moist - this will help the granules stick to the weeds more effectively.

Apply evenly: Spread the Gem Granules evenly over the designated area. Pay close attention to the recommended application rate, as using too much or too little may affect the outcome.

Water: After applying Gem Granules, water the treated area lightly. This helps activate the herbicide and allows it to penetrate the soil, reaching the weeds' root systems.

Top tip: Gem Granules can be used on all ornamental trees, hedgerows, shrubs and roses. Where shrub beds are mulched, Gem Granules must be applied prior to mulching to prevent weeds growing through the mulch.


When to use gem granules:

  • As mentioned, timing is crucial when it comes to using Gem Granules. Gem Granules are generally applied during the autumn/winter period. This gives maximum control of germinating weeds and greatest effect on growth of emerged weeds. Similarly, where moderate to severe weed infestation is established at the end of the growing season - particularly grass weeds - a late autumn application of Gem Granules will give good results.
  • Aim for a day when there is no rain in the forecast for at least 24 hours. This allows the product to be absorbed by the weeds without being washed away.
  • Although Gem Granules can be applied in all weather conditions, you should avoid applying on top of snow or on significantly frozen ground to avoid any risk of surface run-off.

Gem Granules provide a targeted and effective solution for controlling broadleaf weeds, allowing you to enjoy a weed-free and vibrant garden, whether in a domestic or commercial setting. By following the recommended guidelines for application and timing, you can harness the power of Gem Granules to keep your outdoor spaces flourishing and free from unwanted weeds.

Use pesticides safely & always read the label and product information before use (MAPP 19182).