What is Brown Patch?

Brown patch is a turf grass disease caused by the fungus Rhizoctonia. This fungal disease can affect all cool-season lawn grasses; however, it is particularly harmful to ryegrass and tall fescue. Brown patch is a foliar disease, meaning that whilst the visible blades of grass are affected, the crown and root system are not touched.

Symptoms and Occurrence

Brown patch commonly occurs in summer as the fungus favours hot weather and high humidity. It is also more likely to occur on closely mown lawns, such as golf courses and bowling greens.

Brown patch is identified as irregular circular patches of brown, water-soaked grass. Closer inspection of the grass leaves shows irregular lesions which are light brown/tan. Early in the morning, white mycelium can be found on lawns covered with dew.


As Brown Patch is a foliar disease, it is possible for the grass plants to recover on their own. However, it is sometimes necessary to use specialist control to eradicate and prevent this unsightly disease.  

We recommend using a broad spectrum fungicide such as Instrata Elite. This excellent fungicide combines difenoconazole and fludioxonil in order to offer excellent control against common turf diseases, including brown patch. 

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