What is Red Thread?

Red thread is a common cause of patches of dead grass on lawns. It is type of fungus called Laetisaria fuciformis and can occur at any time of the year if the conditions are correct. The fungus is most serious on red fescue but other grasses (such as perennial ryegrass and annual meadow grass) are also susceptible.

Symptoms & Occurrence:

Red Thread can occur all year round, however the disease is most prominent during wet and humid conditions, therefore it is most common in late summer and autumn.


Improve the drainage and aeration of your turf by using a scarifier. This will also remove thatch, moss and leaves from the grass. Also, ensure that your soil is not deficient in macronutrients such as nitrogen.

We recommend using a specialist pesticide such as Inter Tebloxy (a contact and systemic turf fungicide) to control Red Thread. Instrata Elite can also be used.

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