What does Phosphorus do?

Phosphorus is one of the 3 main macronutrients needed for healthy plant growth. A crucial nutrient, Phosphorus helps a plant convert other nutrients into building blocks which are then used for growth. It is also needed to promote healthy roots and shoot growth.

Soil with low levels of phosphorus is rare, however it may occur in areas with heavy clay soil and high levels of rainfall.

Symptoms of Phosphorus Deficiency:

The main symptoms of phosphorus deficiency are slow plant growth and dull, yellowing foliage. The plant's leaves may also develop purple/black colouration. 


To rectify a phosphorus deficiency, use a fertiliser with a high phosphate content. The Phos-Mag 8-19-10 + 5Mg Fertiliser is ideal for use on trees, hedges and woody perennial plants, however it can also be used on areas suffering from phosphorus deficiency as it contains 19% phosphate.

Bonemeal is also ideal as it contains a natural source of phosphate.

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