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Aphox 1kg

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Powerful Aphid Control

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Product Description

Aphox is a powerful water dispersible granule insecticide used for controlling aphids in a number of agricultural & horticultural crops. Good spray cover is essential to achieve optimum control. Apply by any suitable hydraulic sprayer using a medium quality spray and sufficient volume to completely wet all foliage. Optimum control will be achieved from application under warm, calm conditions with moderate to high relative humidity when full advantage will be made of vapour activity. Because of the large number of species and cultivars of ornamental plants grown susceptibility should be checked by treating a small number of plants in the first instance.

Best results will be obtained with Aphox by timely application under warm and calm conditions. Ideally Aphox should be applied when chemical uptake by the plant will be at the highest, when the plants are not wilting and the spray does not dry too rapidly, for example during the morning or evening. Do not let aphid colonies become established in the crop before treatment. 

Aphox will control the following Aphid species:

Green aphid, black bean aphid, virus yellow aphid, cereal aphid, pea aphid, carrot willow aphid, mealy cabbage aphid, apple aphid, wooly aphid + various other aphids. 


Bee Safety:

APHOX may be applied to crops that are in flower but care should be taken to minimse risk to bees. Avoid spraying in the heat of the day when bees are likely to be particularly active; application should be carried out in cool periods or late in the day when bee activity is low.

To reduce the risk of developing resistance in other aphids pests APHOX should be alternated with products with a different mode of action and should not be used as the sole product for controling aphids in a crop. Where aphids resistant to products containing pirimicarb occur, APHOX is unlikely to give satisfactory control. Repeat treatments are likely to result in lower levels of control

Key Benefits: 

- Water dispersible granule formulation.

- Ideal for use on both agricultural and horticultural crops, for example field bean and broad bean. 

- Controls a wide range of aphid species. 

Our Recommendation: 

- Always read the product label before use. 

- Apply at the first sign of any crop damage. 

- Consider apply with a penetrant sticker such as Ruby.

- For an organic alternative consider Pyrethrum 5EC.

- Always wear protective clothing, such as Chemical Resistant Gloves, when handling Aphox. 


Active Ingredient 50% pirimicarb
MAPP NO 18562
LERAP Category Does Not Apply
Pack Size 1kg
Pack Size Coverage Up to 3.5 Hectares or 35,000m2
Knapsack Sprayer Rate 5gram per 10 litres of water (depends on crop)
Boom Sprayer Rate up to 500g per Hectare in 1,000 litres of water (depends on crop)
Application Method(s) Boom Sprayer, Knapsack
Treats (Pest/Weed/Disease) Aphids
Area of Use Agricultural Crops, Horticulture, Trees & Ornamentals
MPN Does not apply

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