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Moddus 1L

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Growth Regulator For Plants And Crops

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Product Description

Moddus is a growth regulator used for controlling the height of crops and plants, such as winter wheat, spring wheat, winter barley, spring barley, winter oats, spring oats, rye, triticale, durum wheat and ryegrass seed crops. Moddus also has an EMAU (Extension of Authorisation for Minor Use) in ornamental plant production & forest nursery.

Using a growth regulator such as Moddus will aid the crop to grow consistently across the field reducing the chance of areas growing excessive lush top growth. Crops with a large amount of lush top growth are more suceptibale to disease, so not only does regulating the growth help prevent this, it also means more energy is put into forming strong roots. The use of Moddus will also help prevent lodging (where crops 'fall over' due to having too much height) which will in turn increase crop yield. 

If you are wanting to reduce the growth on amenity grass areas or sports pitches, look at Maintain

Please see the product label for each crops recommended application rate and timing of application.

Key Benefits: 

- Suitable for use on a wide range of crops and plants.

- Promotes consistent growth across the field. 

- Prevents lodging. 


Our Recommendation: 

- Always read the product label before use. 

- Do not use on grass seed crops that will be grazed by livestock or cut for fodder. 

- To reduce the growth on amenity grass areas use Maintain

- Always wear protective clothing, such as Chemical Resistant Gloves, when handling Moddus. 

Active Ingredient 250 g/L trinexapac-ethyl
MAPP NO 15151
LERAP Category Does Not Apply
Pack Size 1L
Pack Size Coverage Depends on rate
Boom Sprayer Rate Up to 800ml/ha
Application Method(s) Boom Sprayer, Knapsack
Area of Use Agricultural Crops, Horticulture, Trees & Ornamentals
Period Of Use March, April, May, September, October, November
MPN Does not apply

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