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Problem FAQs

What product will control Wooly Aphids? 

Gazelle will control wooly aphids. 

Any tips for controlling Narrow Leaf Cotton Rose? 

It does not like fertilie soil. Envy, Vivendi and Activate-G should control it. 

I have Lichen on my tree branches, what is it and what can I do? 

Whilst it is unsightly, lichen is an indicator of clean air and will not harm the plant in any way. If the lichen is so bad it covers the plant it can be sprayed with SB Plant Invigorator

How can I control Yarrow in my lawn? 

Yarrow is resistant to 24D. Praxys, Interfix and Enforcer should target it. 

How can I control scab on apples?

Apply Precious as a protectant at bud burst stage. It can be applied up to 4 times a year and has a 56 day harvest interval. 

How can I get rid of Wild Parsnip in a paddock? 

Use Thrust with Activate-G

How much should I water my lawn? 

During dry/hot periods a 1m2 area of grass will need around 20L of water over a 7 day period. Be selective. Do not blanket water. If a certain part of your lawn sits wetter than the rest, avoid watering as much as the rest of the lawn.

What time should I water my lawn? 

Aim to water early in the morning or in the evening to avoid evaporation.

What height should I cut my grass? 

An optimal height generally speaking is 1 1/2 inches or 38 mm (winter, spring & autumn), 1 inch or 25mm in summer. At each mowing, you should only be removing about the top 1/3 of the grass blade. For fine leaves varieties 19 mm (winter, spring & autumn) and 1/2 inch in summer.

What direction should I mow? 

Change the direction you cut your lawn regularly as this will spread the wear over the whole lawn and avoid weak areas ocurring.

Is there a product that will control Shothole in laurels? 

As shothole is a bacterial disease there is unfortunately no chemical control with proven results. Serenade can be used as a preventative as it has protectant activity against bacterial diseases. 

Why are the leaves on my plant turning red? 

Leaves turning red is a sign of a phosphorus deficiency. 

What is Fairy Ring and what can I do to treat it? 

Fairy ring is a toadstool producing fungi that inhabits the soil 3"-18" below the grass. There are various species divided into groups according to their effect on the turf: 

Type 1- Ring of dead grass bordered by by darker green areas. 

Type 2- Ring of darker green grass. 

Type 3- Ring of toadstools. 

Treat with Abzorb to re-wet dry areas. 

Is there a product that will control Black Spot on roses? 

Yes. Switch has an EAMU for Ornamental Plant Production. 

How can I kill Chicory in grassland? 

Use Thrust and Hurler

How can I control Red Spider Mite in leylandii? 

Use Apollo with a sticker such as Ruby

How can I control Grass Mites in cut hay? 

Unfortunately there are currently no products with approval.