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Product FAQs

What is the grazing period for generic glyphosate products? 

Usually 5 days. Always check the label. 

Can you use Maxicrop on ericaceous plants? 

Yes it will be fine. 

Can you get wildflower seed in bigger bags than 1kg? 

Yes. Price is pro rata for a 10kg bag.

What is the knapsack rate for Agritox/Headland Polo? 

Agritox is not approved for use in a knapsack as the MCPA in them is an irritant to eyes. 

How long does a product last? 

Manufacturers will guarantee it for 3 years, however if it is kept out of direct sunlight and frost free it can last around 8 years. 

How long should I wait to plant shrubs after using Grazon Pro? 

You need to wait at least 6-8 months but if you cultivate 6-8 inches down it will break up the tryclopyr. 

How can I make Praxys but with grassland approval? 

Use 2L/ha of Envy and 800ml/ha of Vivendi

What products can I use in a weed wiper? 

Only straight glyphosate products can be used in a weed wiper. There are no longer any other products approved. 

How often do I need to replace the lure on my Chafer Trap? 

Replace the lure every 6 weeks. Place 1 trap per every 200m2. 

What can Decis Protec 15g/L deltamethrin be used on? 

Protected ornamentals & outdoor fruit only

What can Decis Forte 100g/L deltamethrin be used on? 

Outdoor and protected ornamentals only

What does irrigate mean? Does it mean rake in? 

Irrigate = water. Rake in = cover (usually seed) with soil. 

I have used a glyphosate herbicide, how long should I wait before re-seeding? 

Ideally you should leave the glyphosate to work through the treated weeds for at least 7 days as this gives the active ingredient enough time to kill the root.