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Broadleaf P4 Water Retention Granules 25kg

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Deliver effective watering solutions for all types of growing media.

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Full Description

Broadleaf P4 Water Retention Granules comprise water-retaining polymer granules with the capacity to absorb significant amounts of water—hundreds of times their own weight—transforming into a gel that functions as a reservoir within the soil. Upon contact with water, these granules absorb and swell, creating discrete particles of water-charged gel. When integrated into the soil or compost, the polymer granules serve as numerous miniature reservoirs containing 'captured' rain or irrigation water. Plant roots colonise these reservoirs of water-charged gel, enabling them to extract over 95% of the stored water as needed, over a prolonged period.

How to Use:

  • Place your compost/soil into a container and evenly sprinkle the required amount of Broadleaf P4 granules on top.
  • Ensure your hands are completely dry (or wear dry gloves) and blend the P4 into the compost for even distribution.
  • Transfer your compost/P4 mix into the planting area, whether it's a prepared hole in the ground or a container, but refrain from planting anything at this stage.
  • In the case of a container, leave a sufficient gap at the top to accommodate P4 swelling and prevent overflow.
  • Water the compost to its full capacity and let it sit for about an hour. Add more water as needed to ensure complete hydration of the granules.
  • Proceed to plant your seeds or plants as you normally would.
  • Relax confidently— the watering frequency is typically reduced by around 75%, often requiring watering only once or twice a week.
  • Monitor your plants and water whenever they exhibit signs of wilting.

Our Recommendation

  • An application rate of 2 grams per bareroot plant or equally you could work on 1 gram of granules to be mixed in with 1 litre of compost or soil.

Technical Specification

ProductBroadleaf P4 Water Retention Granules 25kg
Spreading Rate2g per barefoot plant or 1g mixed in with 1 litre of compost or soil
Pack Size25kg
Application MethodSpread By Hand
Area of UsePlants

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£354.00 inc VAT £295.00 ex VAT
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