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Mona Irrigation Tank - 1L

£10.92 inc VAT £9.10 ex VAT
  • Interior and exterior landscaping.
  • Installed in patio, mezzanine and atrium displays across the UK.
  • Available in a variety of sizes to fit all containers and pots.
  • Can be planted at different depths to suit the plants roots.
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Full Description

Mona Plantsava Irrigation Tanks offer an exceptional solution for watering plant displays in both interior and exterior landscaping projects, suitable for placement on pots and planters. The tanks can seamlessly integrate into containerised plants, delivering water and nutrients directly to the plant's roots. Unlike traditional dripper irrigation systems, the Plantsava Irrigation System utilises capillary action to provide water precisely where the plant needs it the most—at its roots. The tanks can be easily installed at the planter's bottom, acting as a reservoir to feed the plant as needed.

By harnessing the plant's natural capillary action and allowing self-feeding and watering, this system promotes the growth of larger, stronger and longer-lasting plants. It’s suitable for diverse planters, both indoor and outdoor, including flower beds, window boxes and hanging baskets.

Plantsava Tank 1 Size:

  • Tank 1 - 15cm x 6.5cm - 21cm Filler Pipe
  • Holds 1L of Water
  • Suitable for Planters of 2.5L - 8L

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ProductMona Irrigation Tank - 1L
£10.92 inc VAT £9.10 ex VAT
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