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Sierrablen Pearl 11-11-5 25kg

£49.98 inc VAT £41.65 ex VAT
  • Controlled-release Poly-S nitrogen for strong turf response and 3+ month longevity.
  • Root-activated™, continuous-release phosphorus, nitrogen and magnesium resulting in increased rooting.
  • Contains Polyhalite with K, CaO and MgO.
  • Circular nutrients N, P and MgO recovered from phosphorus-rich water streams.
  • Earlier harvest time when used for turf production.

Full Description

ICL have added Ostara's Pearl® Technology to their premium controlled-release Sierrablen Plus fertilizers and it is providing significantly increased rooting and more efficient nutrient use over traditional ammonium-phosphate sources. With Pearl Technology they have eliminated the risk of phosphorus leaching into the environment or it irreversibly locking onto soil particles: Pearl only releases in response to organic acids produced by the roots and therefore will be taken up as per the plants' requirement.

The key benefits of Root Activated™ continuous release phosphorus, including increased turf rooting density and better phosphorus use efficiency, have been proven through published independent research trials in the UK and US.

Our Recommendation

  • Apply the fertiliser with a spreader just after scarifying to allow the granules to disperse into the sward.
  • Apply the fertiliser evenly after preparation of the soil and just before sodding. The roots of the sod should touch the granules.
  • Seeding – Apply the fertiliser with a spreader and work the fertiliser into the top 3 cm of the soil before seeding.
  • Over-Seeding - Open up the soil and apply the fertiliser with a spreader, reseed afterwards.
  • Apply the fertiliser after mowing with a spreader.

Technical Specification

Product Sierrablen Pearl 11-11-5 25kg
Spreading Rate35-45g per m²
Period Of UseAutumn, Spring, Summer
Pack Size25kg
Active Ingredient11% Nitrogen, 11% Phosphate, 5% Potassium + 8% Magnesium Oxide
Application MethodSpreader, Spread By Hand
Area of UseLawns, Sports Turf, Amenity Turf
Pack Size Coverage700m²
Granule Size0.5-1.7mm (Mini)
£49.98 inc VAT £41.65 ex VAT
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