We’ve carefully curated our Top Ten garden gifts to bring inspiration and variation to your Father’s Day gift search – whatever your budget. So, whoever the influential gardener in your life is, make their day amazing with the perfect Father’s Day garden gift. 

Gifts to show off with

If raking and scarifying is becoming a little tedious for dad, he’ll love our star product. This year, we’re showcasing our Webb 2-in-1 Electric Scarifier and Lawn Raker. Help him make moss removal a breeze - we promise he’ll love it. Welcome to 2024 dad!

And talking of making things easy, how about this powerful easy-to-use wheeled 3 bar pressure sprayer from Portek? A mighty 12 litre capacity tank means dad can keep spraying for longer without carrying the sprayer, or constant trigger squeezing. How’s that for a wheely good gift?

Getting spray drift on the wrong plant (or worse, on yourself) is a real pain and can be dangerous. Make things easier and safer for dad and buy him a weed wiper stick. These great lightweight tools will let him apply herbicide super-accurately with zero risk of harm to surrounding plants, or himself. And we bet his neighbour hasn’t got one.

Can’t-go-wrong Classics  

Spear and Jackson is a well-known garden brand much loved by gardeners and landscapers for more than 200 years. Their products are premium quality, reliable and well-priced. Everyone needs a good garden spade - give him one of the best, without breaking the bank.

If you’re a committed gardener, you can never have too many pairs of gardening gloves. Treat the active gardener in your life to these sustainable garden maintenance gloves made from 95% recycled bottles. Lightweight with a tough waterproof latex coating, these environmentally conscious gloves come with a carabiner clip for handy drying or clipping onto your belt loop just to look cool.

How well do you know your tro-wel?! Our Spear and Jackson mirror-polished, stainless-steel, rust-resistant, weather-proofed garden trowel has more features than you can shake a weed stick at, and it comes with a ten-year guarantee! A good trowel is indispensable, but one that has ‘World’s Best Gardener’ etched on it is made for Father’s Day…

Inspiring gifts for nature lovers 

Wildflower seed has never been more now. Any gardener worth their salt understands the benefits of wildflowers in the garden, including their visual appeal and attraction to pollinators and other wildlife. If this is of interest to your gardening father, treat him to our very special 100% Native Wildflower Seed Mix. One 1kg bag will give him up to 1000m2 of stunning native wildflower meadow that will wow garden visitors.

Dad might have had sprinklers before, but he’s probably never had a Portek sturdy all-metal oscillating sprinkler before. This Portek sprinkler won’t flip over with a puff of wind. It’s built for stability and a long life of garden service. Seventeen brass nozzles spray a fan-shaped curtain of water to a setting of his choice.

Gifts for curious lawn lovers

A lawn soil analysis makes a really interesting gift for the serious turf aficionado. Just pop lawn soil samples into a pre-paid soil collection packet as instructed, put it into the post box and wait the results. Dad will receive a detailed soil analysis showing exactly which nutrients are available in his lawn soil together with a tailored fertiliser recommendation. 

For larger lawns, a fertiliser spreader just makes life easier. Agrigem’s 27kg drop spreader makes seeding or fertiliser spreading easier and more efficient by preventing manual lifting and ensuring even and accurate application. This drop spreader has a 22” spread and comes with a 12-month warranty.  

Does your dad really love his lawn? Why not pop a couple of extras into that spreader for a super-special Father’s Day treat? We stock a huge range of lawn care and lawn improvement products, take a look here.

Whatever you choose for your father this Father’s Day, we wish you a wonderful day and many hours of happy gardening!