If you’ve been gazing out of the window for months of wintry weather, looking at your lawn and wondering when you can finally get out for the first mow, you’re in good company. 

While early spring brings hope and the promise of a beautiful lawn, the reality for many of us at this time of year is soggy grass, overly ambitious buttercup and chickweed making themselves known, and patches of yellowing grass caused by nutrient leeching from too much rain.

The good news is that with simple care and management, you can create a lawn so lush that come summer, you’ll want to hang your washing out barefoot.

Start by getting rid of those weeds using a high performing selective weedkiller like Thrust. This is a strong herbicide that will easily tackle that buttercup as well as many other lawn weeds without harming the grass. 

Apply weedkiller when the weeds are dry and there’s no chance of rain for the following 12 hours. This will give you the best chance of eliminating them for good and preventing any younger hidden weeds from making an appearance later on. 

A slow-release pre-seed fertiliser is a great way to encourage a healthy, resilient lawn. Our Nutrigrow Pre-Seeder 20kg bag will cover up to 1000m2 and can be spread by hand or by using a spreader.

Pre-seed fertiliser feeds your soil, delivering the right balance of nutrients to support healthy grass growth. Use it one to two weeks before seeding for best results.

When you’re ready to seed, choose a high quality grass seed like our exclusive Premier Landscape and Lawn seed to create your perfect lawn. This is a versatile seed and will work well for a variety of different areas. 

Keep your lawn dream alive with Agrigem; these three steps alone will help create the perfect play area, relaxing oasis, or backdrop to your borders. 

Read more about how to sow grass seed in our guide, or find out how long grass takes to grow here.