Improving your lawn in autumn is essential to ensure healthy and vibrant grass throughout the year. Autumn is a critical time for lawn care as it allows you to prepare your lawn for the harsh winter months and set the stage for a lush and green lawn in the following spring! Whether it's your garden, paddock or high-traffic area that you're keen to maintain, we have the products that will get it back to its best, ready for the warmer weather. Here are our 5 autumn best...

1. Casting

Worms love autumn! Fallen leaves are their favourite thing, so they spend a lot of their time burrowing to the top of the soil to get to them! Our NutriFlo Casting 10L doesn’t harm worms but discourages them from crawling to the top of the soil so you can avoid those muddy, unsightly patches on your grass. 

Top tip: As well as applying casting, try and clear those fallen autumn leaves that worms love so much.

2. Feed and Weed

Aren’t weeds annoying? During autumn weeds put all of their energy into their roots, so even though weeds might not be visible, the likelihood is that they’re establishing a deep root system underground. That’s why it’s important to apply feed and weed before the harsh winter environment sets in and gives the weeds the conditions that they love to thrive in. Our Nutrigrow Feed, Weed & Moss Killer 20kg promotes grass growth, kills weeds and kills moss. It’s really easy to apply too. Just follow these simple tips for a successful application:

  • Mow the grass 1-2 days before applying.
  • Plan your application for a dry and sunny week with no rain forecast.
  • Lightly dampen your lawn with a mister or hose.
  • If you’re treating a large area, use a fertiliser spreader to allow for even distribution.
  • Start at one end of your lawn and work your way back and forth across your lawn to make sure you get the best coverage possible - be careful to avoid borders and flower beds.
  • Wait 24 hours before mowing or watering your lawn.

Top tip: If weeds have already taken hold, loosen the soil around the weed with a garden or hand fork, and pull the weed gently so the main roots remain attached.

3. Moss Top

Tired of that spongey, unsightly moss in your lawn? Then 6-5-10+Fe Nutrigrow MossTop 20kg is your new best friend! Autumn provides the best conditions for pesky moss growth. Our Moss Top contains a healthy amount of iron that helps to significantly reduce moss population. While moss is a natural part of the ecosystem, it comes with many disadvantages. Here’s just some:

  • It competes with grass - when moss takes over these areas, it competes with grass for nutrients, sunlight and water. This competition can weaken the grass and eventually lead to its decline.
  • It’s aesthetically unappealing - the presence of moss can make the lawn appear patchy or unkempt, reducing its overall aesthetic appeal.
  • Moss tends to thrive in acidic soil with poor drainage and low fertility, so its presence could suggest that the soil may be lacking in essential nutrients.

Top tip: Moss already thriving in your garden? Use a spring-tined rake to carefully lift it away.

4. Ferro Gem

Our Ferro-Gem Liquid Iron 20L helps to give your grass its green back. As well as a colour boost, it toughens up your grass to protect from winter diseases and extremes. Our Ferro Gem is ideal for large areas like paddocks and amenity areas. It’s suitable for all-year-round use and protects grass against frost and disease in the colder months. It’s best to get a sprayer to allow for even distribution of the fertiliser - and remember to wear gloves to protect your hands! Unsure how to apply fertiliser correctly? Check out our handy guide on YouTube.

Top tip: Apply Ferro gem® by knapsack or boom sprayer to make sure there's good coverage of the grass. 

5. Nutrigrow Autumn Fertiliser Blend

Our easy to apply 3-12-12 Nutrigrow Autumn Fertiliser Blend 20kg toughens grass and offers pre-strength conditioning against harsh weather – so it’s an important one to get applied to your grass before the winter extremities hit. The high phosphate and potash levels encourage harder growth and better root development. Turf response is generally seen within just seven days! Just one 20kg bag of our lawn blend has the ability to cover 600m² – so it's really economical!

Top tip: For best results, avoid mowing 3-4 days either side of treatment.

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