Whilst earthworms are usually beneficial to your garden, worm casts are an unsightly nuisance.

What are they?

Worm casts are small heaps of muddy soil found on the top of your grass. The soil is ejected from the digestive tract of certain species of earthworm, usually Allolobophora species such as the A.chlorotica.

Earthworms are soil-dwelling animals that are beneficial for soil structure and nutrient recycling. These worms feed on dead plant material and because of this they ingest some soil. This results in their excrement having a muddy consistency and appearance which, when deposited on the surface, ruin the appearance of your lawn.

Controlling Worm Casts

Here at Agrigem, we stock a product called Casting. This product is a non-pesticidal, plant nutrient-based liquid that improves turf health and alters the local soil surface environment in areas facing the negative effects from excessive surface casting. Casting is designed to irritate and deter worms by pushing them lower into the soil structure, therefore reducing the chance of worm casts.

If you have any questions regarding worm casts, please get in touch.